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Have you ever scrolled through someone’s Instagram feed and figured out what that person is basically all about by their photos? Some people post their travel pics, some people post a lot about food, some people post about their party life, or their pets. I took a step back to figure out what my life is all about just by looking through my own Instagram filter. No surprise there – it’s all about my kids, babywearing, and Florida fun.

But there’s more to it than just that. Life happens so quickly that I don’t have time to write posts about each wonderful moment. Like when Arielle killed it during her acro-dance recital to “Addams Family Groove”:

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I actually felt like a good mom that week. I left work at a decent hour to get her to her rehearsals on time. We spent time together as I put effort into doing her hair and make-up. I coached her through her pre-stage jitters and encouraged her to have fun.

The kids are on a short, 8-week summer vacation this year and we created a bucket list.

I’m a strategic planning manager by profession, but I actually stink at making plans for my personal life. It actually gives me anxiety. So this is the closest thing I have to planning for our family activities. So far, so good – we’ve actually knocked out three of the activities so far!

Speaking of being strategic planning manager…I am loving my job right now! I recently had the opportunity to speak in front of our licensee network on the importance of the associate experience to the future of our retail business. This is all part of the Choose to be Extraordinary program that I’m spearheading for our organization.

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Then there’s babywearing. So much of my relationship with Alyssa and being a mom of three has been supported by babywearing and the community of friends I’ve made online and in real life. I have so many moments where I feel run down, tired, anxious, and stressed. More than I care to admit. My husband sees it, my parents see it, and unfortunately my kids see it, too. But I collect these pretty wraps and it’s kind of like a tangible thing that reminds me of all the support and love I have in my life. And when I get a chance to wrap, sometimes I feel pretty.

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There are rare moments where I have a chance to breathe or a few minutes to just to stop and reflect. I’ll snap a photo to remember that moment.

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And I have no shame…I’ll selfie that moment, too!

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At the end of the day, it’s all about these three monsters. That’s my life right there. Apparently, my life fits in the deluxe rental stroller at the mall. Tiny humans.

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