Pavo Presents: Friendship

I’m part of a babywearing community centered around Pavo Textiles. Pavo makes the most beautiful woven wraps and I’m obsessed. They have a store in Essex, MA, but since all their loyal customers can’t make the trip out to New England, the lovely owners host trunk shows in select cities. This past weekend was the St. Petersburg, FL Trunk Show. The event is designed to be an intimate gathering where we can meet the owners in person and purchase exclusive wraps. But for me, it was a lot more than that. It was a day for me to get glammed up and be a part of something special. I got a chance to meet moms that I’ve connected with over social media in real life…I got to meet my friends.

It took place at the Don CeSar Hotel in St. Petersburg.

It was a fancy hotel, so I was sure to take a shower for this event. LOL

I was all nerves because of my social awkwardness, but I met Holli early (like a few hours early), and we killed time by grabbing a drink by the pool. We scoped out the venue and anxiously waited for other trunk show attendees to arrive.

Then everyone else started arriving and it was like a reunion of old friends, except we were mostly meeting for the first time. We greeted each other by name and with big, big hugs.

The event was held outdoors and the weather was gorgeous in St. Pete. The vibe was calm, yet buzzing as everyone eagerly queued up to buy the new, exclusive wraps. Because I got there super duper early, I was able to get pretty close to the front of the line any buy my top picks. Some of them sold out early, so it was glad that I came early – especially since I’m NEVER early to anything. Here’s my new stash. These colors just get me.


Then we ate lunch and mingled. I don’t know whether it was the alcohol or the sunshine or the shopping high (maybe a mix of all three!) – but I wasn’t super anxious and I truly enjoyed the company of all of the ladies. My favorite part was being able to meet Erin and Jennifer, the founders and owners of Pavo Textiles. I had a complete fan girl moment, gave them big hugs, and then I thanked them for all the cuddles with my baby that were made possible by their luxurious products.


group shots

group 2

We wrapped up by taking pictures on the white sandy beach. We were as happy as we looked in the pictures! This event far exceeded my expectations. Now I get to hoard all the cuddles with Alyssa in my new pretties. (I hold her close while I can because she’s quickly discovering her independence! Wah! I will save that for another blog post…)

Thank you to Erin, Jennifer, and my new mama friends. Real life friends, 3D friends – no longer just names on my social media feed. “Pavo Presents” so much more than just baby carriers – it’s friendships. My heart is so happy just thinking about it.


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