Zavier James 4.0

Happy birthday, Zavier! My sweet boy turned four on Monday. Or as he would say, “Foi!” and proudly hold his four little fingers in the air. “My a big boy! A-yell call me wittle, but my ish BIG!” (Translation: I’m a big boy! Arielle calls me little, but I am BIG!)

Zavier 4.0

He still talks funny, but he’s talking more and more everyday. He sees a speech therapist at pre-school and he’s working really hard at talking more clearly. One day he’ll be properly enunciating like the rest of the kids and I’ll miss the “Zavier-isms,” or words that only I could understand. That’s what makes him mine.



He is my sensitive child. Pouty, needy. Sweet as can be. Silly like his dad. Affectionate. Not a fan of wearing pants. He is delighted when someone takes the time to pay special attention just to him. His sisters usually get all the attention, but he loves them both so much anyway.



He is trying to understand the world around him. “Why?” he asks. “WHY?” Why do bees sting the peoples? Why can’t the Big Bad Wolf blow down the brick house? Why do angry birds fight pigs? He asks these same questions everyday and our conversations go something like:

Z: Mommy, why do angry birds fight pigs?
Me: Because the pigs stole their oranges.
Z: No, no! Birds no have organges! Pigs steal their eggs!
Me: Oh, you’re right! Because pigs steal the birds’ eggs!”

He’s a technology and TV junkie. He’s sooooo over the Ninja Turtles and is now obessed with Blaze and the Monster Machines and Paw Patrol. When he is occupied with his games or TV, he is pretty low maintenance. But when you catch him at a bad time, he can throw a marathon tantrum. Oh boy!

He is at his calmest at bed time where he loves reading books and still takes warm milk in a sippy cup. When I tuck him in, he reminds me that he is getting big, “Mommy, I don’t like my crib (toddler bed). I want big bed like A-yell. This crib is for babies!” The little man has a point. Not just about the bed, but that he’s not a baby anymore…Sigh. Is it just me or do you grieve a little when your little one has another birthday?

Anyway, this is not about me. It’s about Zavier! Well, a little more about me – I’m the second born similar to Zavier. I remember that my big sis would get to do cool things and I always had to wait patiently for my turn. The struggle was real. Now, when his big sis Arielle goes off to do cool things like sleep over at her cousin’s house I make sure that he gets to do cool things, too. Like eat ice cream and watch Empire in mommy’s bed.

Hehe, that’s just between me and my fellow second born.

Have a happy birthday, little buddy. I love you mucho.




  1. Happy Birthday Z!!! I can’t believe he’s four already. Malone is also obsessed with Paw Patrol and loves Blaze. He too has a pretty awesome set of Malonisms- mostly bigger words that he wants to use but just cant pronounce. He is crazy about baseball and the MLB network keeps showing a commercial with a “sensational catch” and Malone goes on and on about senactional catches all the live long day!
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    • “Sensational catch!” That’s too cute. Zavier asked for a Blaze themed bday party, but changed his mind after the invitations went out that he wanted Paw Patrol. Big party tomorrow!

  2. Aw! Happy Foi Years to this handsome guy! I’m a second born too and I always think about how Scarlet goes off and does cool things, so Des and I do daytime “dates” to the library or to get pancakes or cookies. He’s always excited about food!
    Tamara recently posted…Let’s All Snuggle And Be Merry.My Profile

    • I would love to take Zavier out on a date! I was just talking about that with Jeff the other day and Arielle overheard and got upset because she wanted to go, too.

  3. Happy happy birthday to Z!! Reiko is turning 4 on the first week of April. Also the same week he will first attend summer class. Reiko talks funny too and is behind with his vocabulary. He sometimes runs out of words to say and just talks gibberish to prove his point. Hehehe.
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    • Happy early birthday to Reiko! Zavier finds other ways to communicate if he cannot get his words out, like by pointing or using other words that he he knows.

  4. Oh he is so cute and smart! I love that he asks a lot of questions. Happy Birthday to sweet Zavier! You captured him beautifully in your photos too!
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