Unimpressed Toddler

It’s so funny how my babies’ personalities are so different. Arielle is happy and friendly, Zavier is sweet and goofy…and Alyssa is, well, unimpressed.

I have all these photos of her where her facial expression says, “meh!” and when people try to coo at her or make her giggle, she just gives them the stink eye.
When I talk about my baby at work and share pictures, my coworker once asked me, “Does that baby of yours ever smile?” All I could say was, “Sometimes, she sorta smiles…”

She communicates using emoji faces: 😏 #alyssajaime #14months #toddlersofinstagram

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And I have a lot of pictures of her sweet, sleeping face. But again…no smiling.

Recently, she became addicted to iPhone entertainment – she can open the Netflix app when she wants to watch Barney or tap on the YouTube app when she wants Elmo. (Insert #badparenting comment here.) Anyway, I figured out that if you sing the Elmo theme song, “La la la, la la la, Emlo’s World” while you’re taking a photo, she will sing along. And if you snap the photo at just the right time, then she actually looks like a happy toddler!

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She also loves the Barney episode where they sing the “Happy Birthday” song. So when there’s no one around, I light a candle and we sing happy birthday. She really gets into it and even waits until the end to blow out the candle!

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It’s priceless! It makes me so happy to see her smile. It’s like seeing her little soul sparkle…but by now she’s probably like 23 years old from all the “Happy Birthday” songs I’ve sung to her.

Happy birthday, babygirl. Thanks for making me smile!


  1. I love her unimpressed face lol! She’s adorable.

  2. I love her unimpressed face! I just want to squeeze her cheeks!

  3. I remember when Reiko was much younger, he didn’t smile that much too. And I longed for the day when he would smile for real. Then when it was finally time for him to understand what smiling was about (LOL), I was so happy!! I guess some babies are “late bloomer” when it comes to smiling. HEHE. Alyssa must be fond of birthdays! 😉
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