Our Wedding in an Instagram Story

On Monday, Jeff and I passed our 8 year milestone of being married and Irma came to crash our wedding anniversary.  Luckily, the hurricane weakened significantly by the time it reached us and we made it with no damage, flooding, or injury. We didn’t even lose power.  Thank God! Needless to say, we didn’t celebrate at all […]

{Best of} Mommy A-Z on Pinterest

Pinterest is my starting place for getting inspiration on new projects.  So when I pin or re-pin someone’s work on Pinterest it’s actually a meaningful social interaction as if to say, “Hey, I love how you did that!  Great idea!  I might just try that one day.”  Once in a great while, I’ll write about […]

Friday Faves: Vine

I’m loving Vine right now.  It’s a mobile app that allows you to record short 6 second videos that loop and you can easily share with your friends. Just when you thought you needed yet another social media network to stay on top of besides Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, your blog, blah, blah, blah… […]

Facebook Filters

I love all things related to social media.  From a professional stand point, I enjoy learning about how companies are using social networks to engage and learn about their customers.  It’s not all about the sales transaction and pushing marketing campaigns down people’s throat; it’s more about building a relationship, growing a community, and establishing […]

My Christmas Wish List

Christmas is coming and I’ve been a good girl all year!  Here’s my 2012 Christmas Wish List to Santa.  Ho ho ho! I’m sure my wish list is the same as many Mom Bloggers / Pinterest addicts / Etsy shop owners alike.  So take note, hubbies. 1.  iPad Bluetooth Keyboard  ($44.99 sears.com) – A wireless […]

3 Things to Know Before You Become a Social Media Professional

About this time last year, I made the decision to leave my role as a Senior IT Auditor for a career as a Social Media Marketing professional.  I carefully considered the risks about making the switch-a-roo: more competition, less job security, and having to start from scratch.  However, the benefits far out-weighed the risks: unlimited […]