It’s that time of year again…and I really hope I don’t suck

Ahhh, the beginning of a new school year! This time Arielle is in second grade and Zavier is in kindergarten and they started last Wednesday. Look at these cuties! We were so ready for this. We checked off most of the items off their summer bucket list, went school supply shopping, and stepped up their […]

Summer Bucket List 2016

Summer is short this year for A&Z. Well, technically, we get summer all year round because we live in Florida, but their summer break is relatively short at only 8 weeks. We created a summer bucket list to make sure we cover off all the things we want to do during their vacation: Summer is […]

This Mom’s Life Through Instagram

Have you ever scrolled through someone’s Instagram feed and figured out what that person is basically all about by their photos? Some people post their travel pics, some people post a lot about food, some people post about their party life, or their pets. I took a step back to figure out what my life […]

Zavier the Graduate

My sweet little guy graduated from pre-school! It seems like these milestones come and go so quickly. If this happened already, then that means that high school graduation is right around the corner. I’m not even remotely ready for this. A photo posted by Gracielle (@mommya_z) on Jun 4, 2016 at 8:55am PDT

Crossing the Street

We are in this crazy transition stage right now – with our new lives beginning in Florida, but all of our belongings and our home still back in Illinois. New jobs for my husband and me, new schools for the kids. We are definitely enjoying the newness of it all and exploring all the theme […]

Why I chose to have my daughter wear a uniform in a public school

Arielle will be starting the first grade at her new school next week.  (Woah! How did that happen already?!)  She will be attending the public school that’s just down the block. I read that there is an optional uniform policy for their students and I thought that was bizarre. I thought uniforms were only for private […]

Close Enough to Kiss

I’ve had this post brewing in my mind for a few months now. If you see me, I’m wearing it. If you converse with me, I’m talking about it. It’s the first thing I do when I get home from work and what I look forward to the most on weekends. A hobby, you might […]

Ask Away Friday with Rea from Blissful Snapshots

Happy Friday, y’all!  It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in Ask Away Friday, so when Rea from Blissful Snapshots said she needed a partner I jumped at the opportunity to swap questions with her! I don’t remember exactly how I “met” Rea, but I’ve been following her blog for about a year now.  She’s a working mom […]

Thank You Notes from the Milk Production Agency

This week I’m linking up with my girl Dean from Mrs. AOK a Work in Progress on her weekly “Thank You Notes” series, inspired by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.   I’m thankful everyday for my husband, my kids, my family and friends, our health, the food on the table and the roof over our […]

[Giveaway] This Babywearing Newbie is Going to MommyCon and You Can Too

I consider myself a seasoned mom, having two kids and a newborn baby.  However, since having my first baby in almost six years ago to having my third baby just this past November – there’s so much that I’m still discovering and learning as a mother.  For one, I finally figured out how to have the […]