August Bookish

I’ve always been an avid reader. There’s nothing better than getting lost in a good book. Well, binge watching a really good series is a pretty good time…and eating ice cream in bed is down right blissful. But reading has always been one of my favorite past times. I mostly read chic-lit, the historic novels […]

Pink and Gold Stars First Birthday

Alyssa turned one already! To celebrate, we had little birthday celebration at a local restaurant. It wasn’t a big event, but that didn’t stop her from going baby-glam – we went for a pink and gold stars first birthday theme!! With a matching pink and gold star cake and smash cake, of course. I got […]

Why I chose to have my daughter wear a uniform in a public school

Arielle will be starting the first grade at her new school next week.  (Woah! How did that happen already?!)  She will be attending the public school that’s just down the block. I read that there is an optional uniform policy for their students and I thought that was bizarre. I thought uniforms were only for private […]

Why I Quit My Garage Sale

Garage Sale season is in full effect, y’all! I love shopping at garage sales, but I just had the worst time ever trying to sell stuff at my own garage sale. I hoarded all my old and unused stuff in hopes that one day I will sell them all and make a ton of money. […]

AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I was not paid nor given free products from AppleCheeks to do a review of AppleCheeks cloth diaper covers. I just honestly think this is a great product and wanted to share my thoughts with my lovely readers. I gave the co-founders a heads up about my product review and they offered to sponsor […]

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Cloth Diapering

I covered MommyCon Chicago as a journalist back in February, which is a boutique style conference on modern and natural parenting. I was all about the babywearing and breastfeeding, but had no interest in cloth diapering. I didn’t know anything about cloth diapering other than the fact that I’m terrible at laundry and poopy diapers […]

Paw Patrol Birthday Party

Last weekend, we hosted a joint birthday party for Arielle and Zavier, where Arielle wanted a Sofia the First birthday and big boy Zavier wanted a Paw Patrol birthday party. I was able to pull off both themes in one party by setting up separate sweet tables with decorations and custom labels. You can check […]

Sofia the First Birthday Party

We celebrated Arielle’s 6th birthday last week along with her brother’s 4th birthday, and it just so happened to be Spring Break as well! You can read all about their Spring Break birthday extravaganza here. Arielle wanted a Sofia the First birthday party and Zavier wanted a Paw Patrol birthday, and I was able to […]

Thrifty Entryway Decor and Inspiration

Yay, I finally decorated my entryway! It’s been awhile since I shared a home decor post. Since owning this home for a little over two years, I’ve learned that decorating is a long, drawn-out process because it’s expensive! It takes me forever because I’m indecisive and cheap. The good news is that I’m patient and […]

Thank You Notes from the Milk Production Agency

This week I’m linking up with my girl Dean from Mrs. AOK a Work in Progress on her weekly “Thank You Notes” series, inspired by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.   I’m thankful everyday for my husband, my kids, my family and friends, our health, the food on the table and the roof over our […]