Summer Bucket List 2016

Summer is short this year for A&Z. Well, technically, we get summer all year round because we live in Florida, but their summer break is relatively short at only 8 weeks. We created a summer bucket list to make sure we cover off all the things we want to do during their vacation:

Summer is soon coming to a close and I thought I’d check in to show our progress and what we need to accomplish within the next two weeks.

The movies, park, pool, and beach activities were easy.  Check, check, check and check!  Easy peasy – we do those things in our sleep.  LOL

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“Play a song on the piano” has been a bit of a challenge.  Arielle and Zavier started taking piano lessons this summer and after 5 weeks, the teacher decided that Zavier was just not ready.  He really tried, but Zavier doesn’t have the attention span. Arielle, however, is doing great and plays many songs!  So we can kinda sorta check that off the list.

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We didn’t put Disney on our summer bucket list because we’re season pass holders and our black-out dates are through the months of June and July. We are perfectly okay with that because we’d have to deal with the summer crowds and the summer heat. Instead we opted for Legoland – still a fun theme park, perfect for their ages and a lot less hectic. Everything was awesome!

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We still have a ton left on our summer bucket list, but there are things that just aren’t going to happen – like visit Nickelodeon Suites (closed), visit Connecticut (maybe later), and complete the summer reading challenge (oops!). But we also covered off a lot of stuff that wasn’t originally on the list – like spend time with friends and family visiting from out of town. I swear, we had guests over almost every other weekend! My kids are the ones with no or one shoe:

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Alyssa even took a trip to Chicago with her daddy.

2 more days until I get to kiss her pretty face!! I miss you, Alyssa!!! 😘 #alyssajamie

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And we spent an afternoon at the Florida Aquarium for my company picnic. A&Z got up close and personal with some sea creatures and amphibians.

Hey, kids! There's an alligator behind you!! 😱🐊🐊🐊

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I don’t know about you guys, but I think the kids had an awesome summer vacay! They definitely have the tans to prove it! LOL


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