Zavier the Graduate

My sweet little guy graduated from pre-school! It seems like these milestones come and go so quickly. If this happened already, then that means that high school graduation is right around the corner. I’m not even remotely ready for this.

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I asked him if he even knew what “graduation” means and he said enthusiastically, “Yeah! Dat means my go to Kinde-gauten!!!” He still talks funny. He’s quite shy, but seems to do okay as long as his big sis is around. I love his tanned, sweet face. He always has a goofy glimmer in his eye.


Anytime he has a dollar, he holds it proudly in his grubby hands and flashes it to people in public. So we bought him a wallet shaped like an emoji, but he still prefers to hold it. Here he is with a whopping ten-dollar bill in his hand – a gift from his grandparents on his special day.

Your future is bright, young Zavier. The world has so much to offer than just Ninja Turtles and Angry Birds. Eventually you’ll be speaking clearly and in Kindergarten you’ll probably learn that the center part of the Alphabet Song is not “Emmo, emmo, P” but that there are real letters in there (i.e., L, M, N, and O). Until then, enjoy the summer!

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  1. Your parents, man! They found the fountain of youth.
    Congrats to Zavier! Des will be four next and I can’t handle it. He definitely still talks funnily and adorably. I don’t see it changing for awhile.

  2. Awww, good job Zavier!! 😉 Reiko is in kindergarten now too and was short of a month before preschool finally ended so he wasn’t able to attend his graduation as we had to move back to my hometown. I still adore the funny way he talks. I guess we’ll never outgrow that?!
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