I Hate Blogging

I hate blogging. There, I said it! What a way to start off my first post of 2016…womp, womp.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love writing. I love that this is a creative outlet for me that also serves as an archive for my sweet babies’ precious, it’s-over-in-a-blink-of-an-eye moments. Now that we’re in Florida, it’s also a channel to keep my family and friends up to date on our shenanigans. After all, I can’t be posting all the sunshine, theme parks, and beaches on my personal Facebook page. They’d all unfriend me!

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So back to blogging. When I started four years ago (FOUR years?!), my I had this idea that my blog also be an additional revenue stream. Ads, sponsored posts, brand ambassador, free stuff – maybe even a lucrative income that would allow me to quit my day job. I immersed myself in the blogosphere and studied all aspects of it – page views, web design, photography, SEO, content management, community engagement, and social media amplification. Great skills, by the way. Blogging is more than just publishing words on a website. I would say that it is 25% writing and 75% all that behind-the-scenes stuff. It consumed so much time and the all the things that I originally loved about blogging got lost. I almost dreaded coming here to blog for the sake of “blogging.”

My updates these past couple years have been far and few between and lately I’ve been reflecting on where my blog is heading. To be honest, its going no where. I have no aspirations to be a featured blogger or get paid thousands of dollars a month. And that’s okay with me. Don’t get me wrong – if I get boatloads of income or if amazing opportunities come my way, then that’s okay with me too! LOL

I actually LOVE my day job so there’s no sense in trying to build a career here as a professional blogger. I’m just going to focus on what really makes me happy – my kids, my family, our new home, and all the exciting adventures in Florida. I’ll update when I can…the pictures will probably be from my iPhone. The good news is that there is no pressure! I’ll just do what I do and write about what I love.

I guess that’s what you would call my blog goals for 2016, or should I call them anti-goals.

Cheers to the new year! Hope to see you around more!



  1. Although we are jealous of the great weather you have down there, I love the pics! Keep them coming! I hope you & the family continue to have a beautiful year & please let me know when you’re in town!!💜Xoxo

    • You’re too sweet! I miss you girls so much. Seriously, you guys make me feel so grounded and sometimes, I just need to laugh my ass off until my stomach hurts. xoxo

  2. At some point, I had that in mind too. I wanted to just blog whenever I can and not be pressured with updating. I find myself changing some things on my blog from time to time though and I still enjoy doing it so I guess I’ll continue to update more often, especially now that I resigned from my job. 😉 Anyway, yours are valid blogging goals and I’m just happy you’re prioritizing the things that make you happy!
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    • Woah! I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog! Sounds like there are big changes ahead for you in 2016 :) I love how your blog has evolved and I remember that you did change your focus when you rebranded to Blissful Snapshots…and it turned out fantastic!

  3. Although I get perks from time to time blogging as part of this Chicago Blogging group, I also got lost in the world of seos and google analytics. I felt this pressure to post everyday and when I let go and started blogging for fun again I just felt this sense of relief and was much happier. I am enjoying documenting my adventures on Instagram instead and I heard that “microblogging” is the way of the future anyways.

    • I agree with the microblogging! Although I’m kind of all over the place and try to sprinkle my updates here, on FB, and on Instagram. I tried snapchat. Um, nope. I just couldn’t get into it.

  4. It’s nice to read these once in a while instead of the more popular “I love blogging/going to monetize the F out of it” perspective. I’m in the same boat, I blog for myself and I do so because I love to research and write. It encourages me to learn something new and flexes my writing abilities which I heart so much. I like words and I like playing with how they can loop together. That’s why I like to blog. My blog is more 75% writing/researching/editing and 25% everything else since I don’t place much emphasis on SEO or social media. I have a day time job that I enjoy and am grateful for. So no need to create undue stress to monetize something I do out of love. :) Hope it all works out and that you continue to write either way! Have a great one Gracielle! -Iva
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    • I’m just trying to get into the cadence of writing more regularly. I am grateful for my day job as well! I will say that social aspect of blogging is still one of my favorites – I have made some lovely bloggy friends along the way! I’m so happy to hear that your approach is working for you! I hope i can find the same balance.

  5. Happy New Year to you!! Refreshingly honest post. I did five years of blogging without a single idea about income so now that there is one, it’s interesting. I still love blogging but it’s different. I do both kinds of posts. Also, I could be a LOT better but I just can’t seem to put in the 100%.
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    • Happy new year to you, too! I love your personal posts and have enjoyed reading your sponsored posts as well! It’s hard to stay at 100% all the time, but I still think you execute it so well and you’re so authentic!!

  6. I love blogging but mostly because I’ve refined my focus and really feel like my blog has a purpose now. If I didn’t write about what I wrote about, no one in my community would be filling the void. I started writing about more topics moms in Western Mass would be interested in- no one else is really writing about it. It has given me new goals and direction. And through my blog, I’m really able to contribute to my family’s income. I’m not a pro blogger by any means, but I’m certainly able to help with the bills and be home when my kids get home from school, so that’s nice !
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    • That’s fantastic, NJ! I love watching how my bloggy friends evolve, find their purpose and their own success, whether it includes income or not. I guess I’m not truly there yet, it terms of finding my purpose. I just know that I’m still here and I’m happy to be here! <3


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