Gratitude 2015

2015 was not an easy year – I think I hit 4 of the 6 top stressful life situations this year and I’m still chugging along.  Adjusting to being a mom of three, moving to another state, starting a new job, and illness.  We are coming towards the home stretch of this year and we made out to be healthy and happy.  Overall, I’m very blessed and super thankful for everything especially these five things:

My Husband

I’m thankful for my husband, who left his hometown and his family and friends to start a new chapter with us in Florida.


He is my partner in crime and has been such a champ through the entire process. Also, we hit our seven year (civil) wedding anniversary this month!

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My Parents

I’m super thankful for my parents, who graciously let us invade their home during our transition here to Florida. Living with my parents now that I’m 33 with kids is just as awesome as it was when I was living with my parents when I was 13. I don’t have to cook or clean or do laundry or pay bills! Seriously, I’m so spoiled here with the free babysitting, too. And it’s oddly comforting to be under my parents’ roof. I even got tucked in the other night.

My Babies

I got super lucky with the kids that God has given us. I’m sure every parent thinks their kids are the best kids, but mine really are the best. They are super sweet and well behaved. Insightful, thoughtful and such a joy to be around. They are kind to others and more importantly, to each other. The only time they are brats is when they are fighting for my attention. Other than that, they are really awesome little humans.

My three little loves! My heart is so happy!! #moment #momof3 #momlife

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My Job

I am so thankful for my new job. Not only to be employed, because that really is true blessing, but because of the amazing people I work with.  Sometimes, I sit in meetings and I’m blown away by how intelligent these people are. I listen and observe and think, “Holy shit! That person is so smart. That is a genius idea!” I cannot tell you how inspiring it is to be surrounded by people who are smart, but at the same time humble and kind. They are not intimidating and they make me feel like I have a place at the table and value my input.  Not only that, but I get to work on the coolest projects.

A Home to Call Home

We left our home in Illinois about five months ago and I’m anxious to move into our home in Florida. It is exactly the same in terms of square footage and number of rooms. It even has a very similar layout. I’m very thankful that we will soon have a place to call home.

Happy 1 year anniversary to owning this home, sweet home!!

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Okay, I know I said five things, but I’m adding one more. I’m thankful for babywearing – which has been a very strange hobby of mine over the last six months. This has given me an avenue for me to bond with Alyssa, who is growing way too fast. I love being able to carry her close, especially since I miss out on so much time with her when I’m at work. I never got to do this with Arielle and Zavier, so this will always be our special thing.

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A photo posted by Gracielle (@mommya_z) on

Lots to be thankful for this year! What are you thankful for?

Now, let’s go eat turkey!



  1. Glad you had survived all of that! We had a pretty stressful year to and it is starting to get better with my husband making a career change and just celebrating my one year work anniversary at my new job. So far so good! I don’t know about you but I am ready to enjoy the holidays! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Deanna recently posted…Coming to Sweet Home Chicago.My Profile

    • Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Deanna! I was thinking about you and all the folks in IL who went through the first snow storm of 2015! Stay warm, mama! Congrats on the 1 year anniversary!!

  2. Seven years for us too! Magical 7.
    You’ve certainly had quite the year like I’ve had. So much to be thankful for! It would be interesting to live with my parents again! We lived with my in-laws for five months and it..wasn’t good.
    Tamara recently posted…All The Things I’ve Got To Remember.My Profile

    • Cool, we can keep track of each other’s anniversary years because I really had to think about it this time around! Happy thanksgiving to you, Cassidy, Scarlet, and sweet Des!!

  3. It’s been quite the year for you, m’dear! I’m glad you’re surrounded by the people who love and adore you, that totally makes transitioning so much easier. After reading this I’m thinking I should go ahead and move back to my mom’s, I wonder if she’d hook us up like your parents. :)
    Congrats on your 7 years and new house!!!!
    Wishing you all the best in 2016!!
    Mrs. AOK recently posted…Mommy Monday Blog Hop {127}My Profile

  4. I’m going through what you’ve gone through — but with a twist. I already resigned from my job and will move back to my hometown next month. 😉 You are truly blessed. It’s also nice that you found a great job you love! I hope I will too. Soon.
    Rea recently posted…How To Book Hotels Through HotelQuickly And Earn CreditsMy Profile

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