Bye-Bye, Illinois…Hello, Florida!!!

It’s official! We’re leaving the Land of Lincoln and heading for the Sunshine State. In one week. Eek!

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It’s all happening so fast! After having the best maternity leave ever, we talked about taking the leap to leave Illinois and move to Florida to enjoy beautiful weather, cheaper cost of living, and be closer to my parents. Months went by, and then all of a sudden – a job opportunity came, I interviewed, got the job, and they wanted me to start right away!!!

There’s so much to do in this short, aggressive timeline: Stage and sell our current home, wrap up things at my current job, pack, close accounts and memberships at local places, get ready for a BIG road trip with 2 kids, 1 infant, and a dog…good thing I’m a Project Manager, right? This is testing my organization and planning skills to the limits.

Just one thing I didn’t take into account – saying goodbye to my home and the place I grew up. My emotions are completely throwing me for a loop. I had a melt down when I went to pick up moving boxes that I found on Craigslist. I told the nice couple who had just moved into their home about our situation and how I grew up in the area and I had the best childhood ever. That poor couple was probably like, “Geez, just take the boxes already!” Haha!

I can’t even stop to breathe or process all the emotions that are going through my head. Like I said in my last post – I want to jump, cry, giggle, fist pump, and vomit all at the same time. Life is happening and I wanted to stop and write about it while I was in the middle of this crazy array of emotions.

And I’m in my bathing suit. That might seem random since it’s not my typical blog attire, but I guess not since I’m moving to Florida.

Stay tuned…I’m sure I’ll have more updates soon!



  1. That is awesome news!!!! Hopefully we can meet up one day for coffee and blog talk :)

  2. Whaaaaaaa? WOW what a surprise! That makes perfectly sense not only because of the weather but your parents live out there and they can totally help you guys with the kids. I brought up Florida a few times with my husband but I’d be afraid of potential hurricanes and that’s the only thing holding me back. But after the cold temps we have had here doesn’t sound that bad lol.

    Good Luck with your new job and your big move. Looking forward to reading about your upcoming adventures!
    Deanna recently posted…My First Cab Ride Experience with Chicago CabbieMy Profile

    • Chicago (well, really the suburbs) will always be home to me! We are excited, but I’m emotional all over the place. Hurricanes scare me, too, but we are moving to Tampa which is on the Gulf side of Florida. The Atlantic side is the one that gets hit by the hurricanes.

  3. Wow! Even though I know you haven’t lived there, your maternity leave posts stuck with me so much that when I picture you, (like when I’m opening up one of your blog posts), I always picture you in sunshine. So this is a great move! Emotional, yes. But being close to family and closer to the equator are top-notch in my book!
    Tamara recently posted…Thanks For the Memories – See You Next Year.My Profile

  4. congratulations on everything! we are going through similar life paths, and embarking on a move too.
    catherine gacad recently posted…Take Time to Read the ClassicsMy Profile

  5. That is definitely a big move!! And wow to you. Sometimes life surprises us in so many ways. It’s awesome that you now live closer to your family. It’s never easy to leave your childhood home though. Excited to hear more updates from you!
    Rea recently posted…6 Memorable PlacesMy Profile

    • So many updates! It’s an entirely new life. It’s so exciting, but I’m so homesick at the same time. I wish I could just stop to at least reflect and write about it. Hopefully soon :)

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