That one time I forgot to wear pants to work…

It was not just a bad dream, it really happened:  I forgot to wear pants to work.  I have a lot on my plate right now and sometimes, something’s gotta give.  In this case, I guess it was the pants.forgot pants feature

2014 is off to a bad start for us.  My husband’s grandmother passed away on the morning of New Year’s Eve.  He had to go to the Philippines to be with his family and attend the funeral, so I’m single-mom’ing it for two weeks.  We had the polar vortex, snow, freezing rain, ice storm – you name it.  It’s literally like hell froze over here in the mid-west.  Then, I got a phone call at the elementary school that a Arielle got into their pre-K program.  This was actually good news since she was on the waiting list for 6 months, but that meant that I had to make big decisions and add more stuff to my plate.

Oh, and all this while working full-time.  I might as well have been blind-folded with one hand tied behind my back to make things interesting.

To sum up, this past week has been – as a dog scratching its butt on a piece of sandpaper would say – RUFF!

So back to the pants thing.  On Thursday, I planned on wearing a chevron print tunic and leggings.  In my opinion, leggings are legitimate pants as long as the shirt is long enough to cover your booty.  I was all set with a cute pair of black booties and leg warmers to keep my ankles nice and toasty.  As I was heading out the door I spotted a very visible hole in the leggings and quickly swapped them out for a pair of black tights without thinking twice.

Everything was fine – I actually made it into work and the kids were taken care of.  Based on my day-by-day, hour-by-hour approach to this single mom thing, I was surviving.  Until I got up from my desk to retrieve a document from the printer and ran into a co-worker… As I was talking to him, I felt oddly exposed.  I thought to myself, “Susmariyosep! (that’s Filipino for ‘Jesus, Mary, Joseph!’) Why do I feel like I forgot something today? It feels rather….breezy…down there.” I maintained eye contact through the entire conversation and resisted the urge to look down and draw attention to my – ahem! – situation.

I ran straight to the bathroom and confirmed my greatest fear: I forgot to wear pants.  The shirt I was wearing was not long enough to pass as a dress that would be appropriate to wear with just the tights.  I mean, it barely covered my lady parts.  The good thing is that I remembered to wear the leg warmers as to not freeze my precious ankles.  I simply just did not wear pants to work that day.

Leg warmers, yes. Pants, no.

forgot to wear pants

Tights, my friends, are NOT pants.  They are typically classified as an undergarment (i.e., underwear or bra).  They are flimsier than leggings and sometimes see-through.  My leggings were pretty think so it was barely noticeable.  But you know that panty-hose part where the support structure texture begins towards the upper thigh?  I hope you ladies know what I’m talking about…Well, that awkwardness was exposed because my tunic wasn’t long enough.  No bueno.

I spent the better part of the next half hour tucked away in my cube in a crazed fit of hysterical laughter and crying at the same time.  I was in the midst of a bona-fide mommy meltdown.  Then I tried going into the company store to buy a pair of pants or even a skirt to cover it up.  Thank goodness I work in retail, right?!  But I did not find any pants that struck my fancy and I decided this:

No pants are better than ugly pants.

My lovely female co-workers assured me that it didn’t look too bad.  However, one co-worker stopped me in the hallway to chit-chat and when I mentioned that I forgot to wear pants, she admitted that she was wondering why my dress was so short.

Despite how it looked, I felt exposed.  It threw me off for the rest of the day knowing that I forgot something as important and basic as wearing pants.  Kinda like a bad dream where you wake up and cannot shake that yucky feeling, except this wasn’t a bad dream and it actually happened to me.

One day, I know, I will be able to look back at this day and laugh.  Hahah –

Nope.  Too soon.

Have you ever left the house and forgot to put on anything important like your pants? One side of your face without make-up?  (Yes, I did that too one time!) The wrong shoes or mis-matched shoes? (Yes, I’ve done that plenty of times!!)

xoxo // gracielle


  1. Jennifer McCullough says:

    Forgetting to wear pants is a sure sign you've got a lot on your mind! But you are so cute, Gracielle, I'm sure none of your male co-workers minded in the least;)

    • LOL None of my male co-workers noticed thank goodness! I’ve been working from home since then and finally came into the office today and actually remembered to wear pants. Nowhere to go but up from here!

  2. Working full time and acting like single mom sometimes can be tough agree! That is totally something I would do. I have dressed in the dark so I don’t wake the kiddo up so I can go to work, I’ve been known to wear underwear inside out and pants backwards! At least it’s a one time thing and people at the office got over it haha.
    Deanna recently posted…An Inside Look At The Life Of A Working City Mom.My Profile

  3. I am CRYING with laughter!! Seriously. This is the funniest thing I have ever read. And only because I feel like that could TOTALLY happen to me! Dear God, I am SO SORRY!! But thank you for sharing it with all of us who needed to laugh!-Ashley

  4. Oh no! You know you’ve got a lot on your plate when something like that happens. I agree with your co-workers… the outfit didn’t look bad. I’ve never forgotten something like that but I did leave the house for work once on a court day wearing dress clothes and my ugliest, wear around the house tennis shoes. When I noticed and told my boss, she said, “Nobody sees your feet in court anyways”.
    Jeanne recently posted…This, That And All The Other StuffMy Profile

  5. Gracielle, you poor thing! I feel like there is a chance that I’ve done something similar to this before in high school or college. Leggings weren’t really in when I was in high school but I remember embarrassing moments, thankfully, I just can’t remember exactly why I felt embarrassed. So glad for some it didn’t look that bad and that a work day doesn’t typically last any longer than 8-10 hours right? Thanks for sharing with us at Countdown in Style! Don’t forget to stop by to see if you are featured Friday! xo
    Brittnei recently posted…Transferring from Blogger to WordPressMy Profile

  6. Oh, no!!! I’m like Ashley, this made me laugh but not at you just the situation!!!
    I think that is one of those situations that once in you just have to go with it and hope for the best.
    I hope your husband is home SOON!!! It is hard to do it all by yourself especially when your husband is out of the country and you can’t just phone them up!!
    Kim recently posted…My Biggest Failure – FriendshipsMy Profile

    • Glad I could make you laugh, Kim! I’ve had quite a few more (not-so-funny) meltdowns since then. SIGH! Only a few more days…but I’m sure I’ll come out stronger as a result of this experience!

  7. I am so sorry..but I am crying with laughter too. I seriously have watering eyes. I am so sorry because if it were me, of course it would be way TOO SOON to laugh. So I humbly apologize..but.. I would probably do something like this. I remember the time I went to a friend’s party with no makeup on. It just felt weird. Total accident! I had just had my second baby so my brain was lacking.
    Tamara recently posted…Me Before You.My Profile

    • Oh I’ve kind of been there, too! After having my first baby, I showed up to a family dinner party at a restaurant with make-up on only one side of my face. My aunts are so critical and noticed right away! Good thing I had some make-up stashed in my car and I was able to fix it right away!

  8. Oh my gosh, I feel so bad that I am in fact laughing, but I also kind of understand because I could see this happening to me. Except that I never wear anything that cute and stylish :) My worst has probably been wearing the wrong shoes to work, and I’ve certainly done that more than once. Wandering around the house in flip flops in the morning – like the cheapo plastic ones, not fancy ones – and forgetting to take them off for work. And everyone in my department notices everything! I’m glad you commemorated the whole thing with a blog post :)
    Katie E recently posted…Spelling Bee ChampionsMy Profile

    • Thanks, Katie! Even if I didn’t write a blog post about it, it would definitely be something I would never EVER forget. I’ve done the wrong shoes thing a time or two. My dad wore his golf cleats downtown one time, so I guess it can happen to men, too!

  9. Good thing you are so stinkin’ adorable, people thought you were starting a trend! This sounds like something I would do, though. EEK!
    Shannon @Lady’s Little Loves recently posted…Baby Mamas, Moaning Tatas and a Whole Lotta Drama-Bachelor RecapMy Profile

    • Thanks, Shannon! My one co-worker who thought my dress was too short figured that it was a new trend I was trying out…until I told her that I actually forgot my pants and she bursted out laughing!

  10. How horrifying! Yikes! At least the rest of your outfit was cute :-).. (Also, it wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned what “susmeryosep” actually meant. haha)
    Roaen recently posted…What to Expect at a Filipino PartyMy Profile

    • We had a Filipino priest and he did an entire homily on “susmeryosep” to a congregation that was only about 5% Filipino. LOL But I think I figured out what that meant in my late teens.

  11. You poor, poor dear! I have to admit when I first started reading this I thought it was a joke. Not really a joke, but I had read on Yahoo about this movement where one day a year people across the world wear their undies to ride the subway. Did you see that? Unfortunately, I don’t think it was the same day as your little mishap. Or maybe it was and you can say you are part of a revolution.

    I hope you will be able to laugh at it one day. You were already brave enough to post about it! And on the pic, I can’t tell at all. (and I get the no pants are better than ugly pants thing).
    Carla recently posted…#OneChange For Better HealthMy Profile

    • I must have missed that movement! I would much rather be a part of something fun like a Flash Mob instead of a no pants revolution. LOL I’m glad there’s someone out there who can get my “no pants being better than ugly pants” rationale. Thanks, Carla!

  12. I remember one day when I wore 2 different shoes to work . . . not quite the same thing but still one of those things you just shake your head about doing. In the pictures it really doesn’t look too bad – at least they were black tights and not actual pantyhose – you know, more see through.

    You will laugh about it someday . . . probably sooner than you think. And you have to say that you are NOT alone on forgetting important things (like pants) when the stresses of parenthood are placed entirely on your shoulders.
    Janene recently posted…Heeding Your Own AdviceMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by, Janene! They were actually fleece-lined tights so they were pretty thick. No one reported my inappropriate attire to HR that day, so looks like I’m in the clear!

  13. Susmariyosep! I haven’t heard that word in awhile! This post had me laughing! I can totally see myself doing this! Every time I notice people looking at me, I have to double check and make sure I am wearing all my clothing! hahaha Good thing you’re wearing a nice outfit. It “kind of” worked out in the end. The experience definitely made a great story to tell hehehe
    Jasam recently posted…MORE ENCOURAGEMENTMy Profile

  14. Lol I told one of the girls that worked for me that she forgot her pants one day! Single momming it is definitely not easy. I did it for TWO years due to my husband’s job and just couldn’t do it any more.

  15. Can’t say I’ve ever left without pants, but I have left without makeup to somewhere my acne spotted face shouldn’t have been seen. I’ve also gone somewhere without my sweater which was supposed to cover up this little hole in my shirt, that was very visible in my meeting. (sigh)
    It happens.Sorry that it happened to you. Thanks for sharing and linking up with Countdown in Style! Don’t forget to come back on Friday to see if you were featured!

    April recently posted…Happy Birthday Sew Crafty Angel {$850 Giveaway}My Profile

  16. Showing up to work without pants is a reoccurring nightmare I used to have! But I’ve never actually done it. 😉 I have almost worn slippers to work, but my daughter noticed before I actually walked out of the house!
    Ginny Marie recently posted…I could totally be Molly’s best friend.My Profile

    • Maybe your reoccurring dreams were really premonitions about me and it actually came true! LOL I’ve worn my ugly gardening shoes to work before and not on purpose!

  17. I have worn two different shoes more times than i can count! In my defense, I have tiny feet and it’s hard to find shoes, so when I do I buy them in black and brown. So the shoes were the same style, just not the same color! It’s hard getting dressed in the dark!!
    Rabia @TheLiebers recently posted…A Smiling Angel and a Tradition Passed OnMy Profile

  18. Oh my! I think we probably have all done something like that in our lifetime. At least you said something to your workers so they didnt think that your wardrobe choice wasnt on purpose. lol
    Tess recently posted…Dark Chocolate Pomegranate and Blueberry Giveaway Ends 11/23My Profile

    • I made sure to announce it as I walked into the few meetings I had that day. Thankfully they were all women. I do that with huge pimples as well – I announce that it is on my face so that we can all acknowledge that it’s there. Then I won’t feel self-conscious on whether people are staring at it because I’m the one who pointed it out. Is that weird?

  19. Oh my – this made me laugh. I’ve worn a dress that had shrunk to a way-too-short length to a wedding once, with tights underneath. It was probably very similar to your situation as far as the amount of not-supposed-to-be-exposed part that was unfortunately exposed. I was REALLY wishing I hadn’t been in such a hurry, and the kids hadn’t been quite so wild and I would’ve noticed a bit sooner!
    Shana Norris recently posted…Best Monster Cookies Ever.My Profile

  20. Awww, so sorry to hear about all the bad things! I remember GG’s Blair Waldorf said that tights are not pants! LOL. I feel you. I’m not even that comfortable wearing leggings because I feel that there’s something missing. I think I only wore leggings when I was pregnant then after that, I ditched all the leggings. I hope this won’t happen to me because with the kind of job that I have where I have trainees looking at me the entire day, forgetting my pants would be horrible!! Hehehe.
    Rea recently posted…Kitchen Newbie: Egg-in-a-HoleMy Profile

    • Luckily I got to hide away in my cubicle for the majority of the day and only had a few meetings. I wouldn’t be able to go through the day if all eyes were on me as a trainer! One person advised me to always keep an extra outfit at work…just in case I forget my pants again. LOL

  21. I love it that you decided no pants were better than ugly pants….lol
    Sonya recently posted…OshKosh Coupon + Extra 30% Off Clearance ItemsMy Profile

  22. I am so glad you made it through the day! I lead a storytime for pre-schoolers at a bookstore, and and one morning I just wore a zip-up jacket over my bra, thinking that I just wouldn’t take it off. Well, the jacket came unzipped, and I flashed some people, Oops. Sigh.
    Lynne Childress recently posted…The Happy DanceMy Profile

  23. OMG this is hilarious! I'm sure it wasn't at the time but I suspect you'll laugh about for years. At least the tights were black!

  24. That is HILARIOUS. I have worn two different (but similar) shoes and one time I almost wore my slippers, but I’ve pretty much always managed to remember my pants. I have to say, I just don’t “get” this thing with the leggings for pants. I don’t care how thick they are, they just don’t seem like pants to me. I tried it once just to see what the fuss was about, but even though I was in the house by myself, I felt terribly self-conscious, especially when I would bend over. Good thing because those pants aren’t made for plus sized ladies like me. #SITSSharefest
    Adrian recently posted…Smart Money: Going on a Magazine FastMy Profile

  25. This is absolutely hilarious! I would have been a mess! I think you did quite well! Once my oldest son wore two different shoes to school, a boot and a sneaker. And good mom that I am, I did not notice. He didn’t even notice until partway through the day. I asked the front office when I came in to bring him a matching shoe if any other kids had ever done this and apparently it was a first for students. However teachers had done it numerous times!

    • LOL boot and sneaker? You’d think that he would at least feel the difference between the 2 shoes without having to look down to see that they are different. That’s too funny!

  26. OMG Bless you, lady! I am chuckling too as I sometimes used tights if I wear a short dress to work. Actually I’m wearing one right as I’m typing this, a shirt dress that at first looked like they’re just a little above the knees and tights. Well, it’s now lunch time and my shirt dress has shrunk a bit (maybe it’s the creased material) and now looks like they’re way too short. Sigh. I’m not walking much around the office today that’s for sure lol. But yes I’m with you on the legging part as long as there’s no camel toes…I’d go for them than jeans lol. Great to find your blog through Carla’s blog 😀
    Maureen@Scoops of Joy recently posted…Being Healthy: It’s A Family Matter NowMy Profile

    • Oh no! I hope you made it through the day okay. Say no to camel toe! I’ve gone back into the office 4 times since my mishap and have remembered to wear my pants every time!

  27. This gave me a great laugh, I love it! I love that you were able to laugh at yourself:) Just goes to show, life as a mo m can be pretty busy and sometimes MOM is the last person ever she herself thinks about:)
    runawaybridalplanner recently posted…Me Monday’s – Weight Loss – Injury Update – Link UpMy Profile

    • It was pretty horrifying, but ridiculous how I could overlook something as basic as pants. I’ve gone into the office 4 times since then and have remembered the essential pieces of clothing so far! LOL Glad you had a good laugh and thanks for stopping by!

  28. Hey! Coming to you from this is one of my biggest fears is forgetting such vital piece of clothing – thankfully, even if I did I’m one of the first people in my office early in the AM so I’d have time to rectify that decision. Sorry for the loss in your family and hope everything works out for the best – best of luck keeping it all together! Take Care Gracielle -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted…The Irrationality of Irrational AngerMy Profile

  29. Oh my, this is hilarious! I had to come over after 2 friends mentioned this. You were cute anywho. Thanks for the giggle. Good to visit. I haven’t been over in a while.
    Joi recently posted…SQUAT Test: Gym Undies for the LadiesMy Profile

  30. Are you laughing yet? I love you like a sister which is why I feel comfortable saying I’m glad this happened to you and not me! Because it def could have happened to me and would not have been nearly as acceptable!

    Glad you’re remembering your pants these days!
    Heather recently posted…Ask Away Friday with April GrantMy Profile

    • Yup, I’m laughing about it now. It’s like my my daily sanity check. “Am I wearing pants today?” If the answer is yes, then everything must be okay in life.


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